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Pichón: A Memoir. Race and Revolution in Castro's Cuba

Carlos Moore; Foreword: Maya Angelou

Editorial: Lawrence Hill Books • 2008

• Fecha y firma en página de respeto. Subrayado. "Revolutionary black nationalist Carlos Moore breaks three decades of silence to challenge Castro’s legacy in this controversial, behind-the-scenes memoir that explores the Revolution from a perspective of a pichón, the racist Cuban term for a black of Haitian or West Indian descent. After more than thirty years in exile, continually under the threat of retribution from the Cuban regime, Moore steps forward to reveal the truth: Fidel’s Revolution was a success for white Marxists. But for Cuban blacks, the Revolution was basically business as usual, a cover-up of their ongoing struggle for racial, political, and social enfranchisement. Fidel Castro and his men rose from the ranks of the patriarchal, white Spanish-Cuban elite, and the Revolution did not weaken those ties." / "Carlos Moore is an international writer and the author of books in several languages. Formerly a senior lecturer at the Institute of International Relations of the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago, and a visiting professor at Florida International University, Miami, he is an honorary research fellow in the UWI School for Graduate Studies and Research, Kingston, Jamaica. Moore resides in Brazil with his family, where he devotes his time to writing and research on race."

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