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The history of witchcraft

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Autor: Montague Summers

Editorial Dorset Press

Firma y fecha en página de respeto. En inglés. 2nd printing of this facsimile reprint edition of the 1926 original by Routledge & Kegan Paul. xvii+353p. "History of Witchcraft & Demonology". A fascinating and horrifying book written by a serious priest who was consistent in his belief in the inseparable connection between the supernatural and witchcraft. This is a documented account of certain aspects of witchcraft, a subject as old as the world - and by witchcraft meaning sorcery, black magic, necromancy, secret divination, satanism and every kind of malign occult art imaginable. Full of interest to the theologian, the psychologist and the historian, The History of Witchcraft is written from a 'medieval' standpoint, that is it maintains an absolute and complete belief in the supernatural, and hence in witchcraft. What is really unique about this book will become apparent if one contrasts Montague Summers' book with the apologetic articles on witchcraft in the Catholic Encyclopedia. Summers' views on witchcraft and demonology differ considerably from the public picture now presented by Catholic encyclopedists and apologists He was not ashamed of the great excesses committed in the 17th and 18th centuries, on the contrary, he vigorously defends everything the church ever did to extirpate witchcraft and heresy And so he has provided us with what is actually the best account of the Roman Catholic version of the history of witchcraft and the Church's fight against it. Reverend Alphonseus Joseph~Mary August Montague Summers was a Roman Catholic priest.